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Plants from the Ground Up

Royal White Mulberry

Morus alba Ho-O leafWeird, wonderful, edible! Royal White Mulberry (Morus alba Ho-O) is a very unusual Japanese form of Morus alba. The name Ho-O means king or royal. This cultivar is still relatively new to gardeners, so it isn’t known exactly what height this shrub will ultimately reach, somewhere in the 6-8′ range in ten years and perhaps 15-20′ eventually. Ho-O makes a unique upright vase shaped plant and has incredible foliage that is such a crazy mix of ridges and valleys that the JC Raulston Arboretum described as ‘a living topographical map’!

Morus alba Ho-O Mulberry

Morus are self-fertile and this variety produces dark-black sweet fruit that ripens in May – June. Dark green puckered leaves fade to chartreuse in late summer before turning a rich butter-yellow in autumn. A definite conversation piece for the garden! USDA winter hardiness zones 5-9.

For more photos and information, see Morus alba Ho-O at the Forestfarm Store.

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